I chose Lorena as PT because I was impressed with her positive approach and her love for sports.
I have been training with her for 2 months and i can already see results. I am very satisfied. Lessons are exclusive and personalized on what you aim for. Just try and you will see.


We have just finished the beginner salsa lesson course and we had a great time! Lorena was a great instructor, with good vibes and a lot of patience!! We would highly recommend her classes.

Louise & Elias

My partner and I just finished the Salsa beginners course and we have absolutely loved it. Lorena is an amazing instructor, she guided us through the steps precisely and patiently. She's got positive vibes and is a very fun person. It was such a joy to be in her class and we would definitely love to book our next Salsa level course with her.



Hear it From the Students

My partner and I did our beginners Salsa course with Lorena and she was WONDERFUL, she's an incredible dancer and an amazing teacher. We both loved it and are looking forward to our next set of lessons. Thank you Lorena!

Natanya Grant

Lorena is an absolutely fantastic instructor. You get a great workout but she makes it so fun it doesn’t feel like a workout.
I would highly recommend her to anyone. Dance, exercise and be joyful just like Lorena!!


What a wonderful teacher!!!
I took Salsa classes with her and couldn’t get any better explanation of steps.Her moves are so graceful that makes you to put an extra effort in learning it.Always positive and smiling.She danced with everyone separately to make sure everybody got it.She is a master of Latin dancing.I am looking forward for the next class:)


Hey guys, I have to confess that I have hated exercising in the past, but thanks to Lorena, I love going to Zumba lessons every week! Dancing with Lorena on Thursday evening is the highlight of my week. I never realised that working out could be so much fun!! I would definitely say Lorena is an amazing dancer as well as a wonderful teacher, who always dances with her heart and soul. It’s amazing to see how her positive energy constantly influences the people in her class. If you ever want to try dancing, please don’t hesitate to contact her! Highly recommend!!!!


As a dance lover I have been to several Zumba lessons in the past. However, very few were as vivacious and enjoyable as Lorena’s class! I would definitely recommend it to anyone with an interest and would do it again in a heartbeat! This girl really Can Do it all!

Yuscah Pondeca

I love Lorena’s Zumba classes. She is super active always,lot of energy and good vibes. Love she is always pro latin music because she is really good on dancing. I’m looking forward Zumba class on Thursdays!!! Thanks Lorena!!


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